Paddle or Pedal: Choosing Your Cocoa Beach Kayak Rental

Choosing a Paddle or Pedal Kayak Rental in Cocoa Beach

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Between all the different options for kayaking, the choice for your next outdoors adventure may seem overwhelming. Should you do single or tandem? Is a sit-in or sit-on-top better? The right bright color may even be an important decision for you, or you may have a favorite brand of kayak. But today, we’ll be helping you with a big choice: should you rent a pedal kayak or a paddle kayak? The answer is different for everyone, and you may switch between both depending on the day’s activities. Let’s look at what you should be asking about your next wonderful day on the water!

How Far Do You Want to Go?

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One of the main benefits for pedal kayaks is that their engineering allows for explorers to go much faster (and farther) without using as much energy as you do with a paddle. If you’re looking for more leg exercise, are limited in how much time you’ll be out, or if you have a particular destination in mind, a pedal kayak may be the better choice for you. However, we recommend a traditional paddling kayak rental if you are in the mood for a more leisurely time on the water or want to take your time exploring the area nearer to our shores. Pedal kayaks are a wonderful alternative for anyone who wants to discover more of the Cocoa Beach waterways in a shorter amount of time!

What Do You Want to See?

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Pedal kayaks use our strong, powerful leg muscles to control and move the kayak. The downside to this is that they need more space beneath them for the pedals. While this isn’t very limiting, it does mean that you will need more clearance on your adventure, and you’ll have to avoid some of the more shallow areas.

Paddle kayaks can go in even the most shallow water, and so you should choose a paddle kayak if you want to navigate the very shallow areas of the Banana River or our beautiful mangrove forests. Luckily, the pedal kayak can go nearly all of the places that a paddle one can! Don’t worry, you’ll still be able to see all the wonderful things that the water has to offer with a pedal-powered kayak. And a great part about pedaling? It frees up your hands for pictures, snacks, and more!

Interested in seeing tons of wildlife on your kayaking adventure? You’re in luck. Both pedal kayaks and paddle kayaks are perfect for seeing the different types of birds, fish, and aquatic creatures that live in the diverse Banana River Lagoon ecosystem. While paddle kayaks are slightly quieter, pedaling will also let you get up close to manatee, dolphins, fish, pelicans, sting rays, and more wonderful wildlife!

How Much Kayaking Experience Do You Have?

Kayaks are a very easy method of cruising around on a lake or a river like the Banana River. However, an inexperienced paddler may find that kayaking for a long time or on windy days is much more tiring than expected. For new kayaking groups, pedal kayaks may be a great option for longer days on the river because they are easier to use, go farther with less energy, and don’t require learning proper paddling techniques. Novice kayakers will be relieved to know that pedals are offered at our waterfront locations for maximum exploration potential!

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