Where can I see dolphins in Cocoa Beach?

Where can I see dolphins in Cocoa Beach?

Millions of people visit Florida year after year in search of fun in the sun. You’re probably one of them, but did you ever wonder what there is to do when you’ve already made the rounds of the theme parks, relaxed in lush resorts, and hit all the gift shops along the highways? That’s easy.  Nothing is quite so entertaining as watching our favorite water friends, the dolphins, and there’s nowhere quite like Cocoa Beach to spot these amazing creatures.  You’re probably thinking, “that sounds great, but where can I see dolphins in Cocoa Beach?” Depending on how you like to spend your time, we’ve got some perfect locations which offer fantastic days filled with fun, adventure, and plenty of opportunities to witness our bottlenose buddies.

Port Canaveral and Jetty Park

Port Canaveral, known as the Gateway to Central Florida, is a unique seaport which links land, sea, air and space. In fact, the sight of a barge carrying a rocket booster back from a mission is not uncommon here. The Cove is an area of the port brimming with local restaurants serving delicious meals, and the seafood arrives fresh all day long. The fishing boats dock alongside the various eateries, and dolphins are the boats’ biggest fans. Outdoor dining affords you the chance to see these animals swim right by your table. Sea turtles, ocean birds, and an incredible variety of fish share the channel as well and make wonderful lunch companions.

jetty park in cocoa beach where you can see dolphins

Down the road from the Cove lies Jetty Park, thirty-five acres of secluded parkland featuring a gated campground, picnic facilities, a snack bar, and a 1200-foot fishing pier, all along a pristine beach.  From the pier, you can see entire pods of dolphins swimming, playing in the wake of boats, and, at times, vying with pelicans for tasty fish.

Cocoa Beach Pier

cocoa beach pier at sunset

Stretching 800 feet over the Atlantic, the Cocoa Beach Pier is a true Florida landmark. Beautifully renovated, the pier continues its rich history as home to fine dining, friendly bars, eclectic shops, great fishing spots, and a tiki tavern that welcomes guests from all over the world. From here, you can enjoy the magic of a sunrise over the horizon, the serenity of the shore birds playing in the surf, and, of course, the excitement of Atlantic bottlenose dolphins jumping through the waves.  You might even see a whale or two.  If you prefer the sand between your toes, a stroll on scenic Cocoa Beach offers an even closer view of the ocean and its incredible inhabitants.

Rent a Boat at Wildlife Watersports

Dolphin in the water where you can see dolphins in cocoa beach

There’s nothing better than meeting our fine-finned friends where they live and play—out on the water.  Nestled in a peaceful bay among Cocoa Beach’s Thousand Islands, Wildlife Watersports gives you the chance to see these animals on their own turf—or surf, actually. Here, you’ll have the opportunity to spend some time on the Banana River with a kayak or electric boat rental. With little wake and no engine noise, they don’t disturb the wildlife, and dolphins have been known to enjoy fishing near these boats.  It’s an incredible way to get close to these magnificent animals. Perhaps you’d rather relax in the white sand of the private beach along the bay if you prefer fin-spotting from the shore. Who knows? You just might make a new ten-foot long, six-hundred-pound friend.

Whether it’s a mealtime encounter in the port, distant vistas from the piers, or an up-close adventure on the river, not only can you see dolphins in Cocoa Beach, but you can see them in a way that suits you best. With so many different options, you’re sure to enjoy a memorable experience. So, find the theme park exit, set aside the souvenirs, and head over to Cocoa Beach. A day with the dolphins is waiting for you.

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