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Top 3 Things to Do in Cocoa Beach with Kids

Our Top 3 Things to Do in Cocoa Beach with Kids

Often, vacations are some of the most fun that families can have together. Not only do parents and kids get to go to new places, see new things, and try out new activities – they get to do it all together. However, sometimes it’s difficult to find places to go that everyone can enjoy together, especially with young children or teenagers. Making sure that your whole party is enjoying themselves? That can be hard. So, what are the best things to do in Cocoa Beach with kids? Lots of experience tells us that boat and kayak rentals, the beach, and Kennedy Space Center’s Visitor Complex are sure to be big hits with the family. Each of our top three things are guaranteed to bring hours of enjoyment to everyone while building awesome memories!

Invest Time in a Tour on the Water

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One thing about traveling with kids is that they always have a ton of energy. Sitting still is NOT going to cut it for anyone under 18 (and even some college kids). Combine sightseeing with a day on the water with a kayak or boat rental! Kayaks are great for young children (who can help paddle or sit in the front of the kayak) as well as adults and teens. They let you cruise around the Banana River Lagoon, visit the Thousand Islands, and see dolphins, birds, manatee, and tons of fish. Kayaks can be taken out together or separate, it just depends on the age. If you have a bigger party or a group with more kids to keep track of, you can also rent a boat for a few hours for the same awesome experience. It will just allow your family to adventure all together! These are both very cost effective options, so don’t worry about breaking the bank with this choice.

Are you traveling with your college-age kids? Don’t worry, you can make your watersports journey even more exciting. Try out a jet ski rental for a more adrenaline-packed vacation!

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Go to the Beach

Cocoa Beach is beautiful! We’re known as one of the small wave surf capitals of America (hello, Ron Jon!), and we have miles of beach for your family to enjoy. Whether you’re interested in tanning, playing some beach volleyball, swimming, or building a sandcastle, there are literally days of enjoyment at the beach. Your kids will love all the fun in the sun that they can get, so don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity for some great family relaxation and excitement.

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Discover the Mystery of Space Exploration

I love space, you love space. Everyone loves space. And best of all, kids definitely love space. This isn’t always the best activity for very young children, but kids well into their school years will be able to enjoy the Kennedy Space Center. Locals and tourists alike take their kids to KSC for an unforgettable adventure. From rides to museums spaces to real-life rockets, your time at KSC will take your family through the entire history of America’s space exploration. It’s down-right inspirational. The Space Center has so much to offer kids and adults, and best of all? It’s way cheaper than Disney World. And who knows, your little one might decide to grow up and become an astronaut!

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