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How much does it cost to rent a jet ski?

How much does it cost to rent a jet ski?

two people on jet skis in cocoa beachIt’s easy to find time for fun in the sun when jet skis are involved. The excitement of exploring blue waters on a jet ski is great for taking your weekend or vacation to the next level! But most people don’t own a jet ski – and when you want to hit the waves, it’s time to rent one. And that leaves us asking this: how much does it cost to rent a jet ski? It depends on location, quality, and hidden costs. But the short answer is that on average, jet ski rentals cost between $80-$100 per hour.

The good news is that part of the answer depends on where you are in Florida. So today we’re going to take a look at the best places in Florida to ride jet skis and how much a jet ski rental should cost you. Get ready to explore Cocoa Beach, the Keys, and Biscayne Bay!

Jet Ski Rentals in Cocoa Beach

Jet Ski Rental Cocoa BeachAt Wildlife Watersports, we might be a little biased – but Cocoa Beach is one of the best places to vacation, just one hour from Orlando. Not only do you have the Cocoa Beach pier and plenty of fun venues to enjoy, but there’s also miles of sand and surf. And most importantly, it’s a great place for exploring on a jet ski rental. There are tons of spots to cruise by when you’re exploring the Banana River Lagoon, and you’ll see dolphins, manatee, sting rays, and more on your trip. And this isn’t even the best part for people looking for rentals on vacation!

Jet ski rentals in Cocoa Beach are also one of the best for pricing as well. At Wildlife Watersports, you can rent a jet ski tour for 90 minutes of fun at just $115. That comes out to less than $80 per hour! Every group of family and friends is looking to save money on vacation, and Cocoa Beach is one of the best for this. As an added bonus, Cocoa Beach tends to be upfront about costs. You won’t show up to Wildlife and get hit with parking fees, gas costs, or cleaning fees. Awesome!

Jet Ski Rentals in the Keys

person riding a jet ski in the keys or miamiEveryone loves the Keys. From Key Largo to Key West, there are about a million local hideaways and hangouts to explore. At the tip of the Florida peninsula, it makes sense that jet ski rentals and other watersports would be popular with so much waterfront! These beautiful spots offer so many scenic spots to explore and ocean wildlife to enjoy. However, even at the first key, Key Largo, you’re going to be paying more just for the location. And it gets worse the further south you go.

Key Largo is popular because it is the first and longest key. At this location, you can enjoy the keys without driving several hours to the heart of Key West. But, like anything in the Florida Keys, you’re going to be paying between $99 and $120 per hour. In addition, the higher priced venues have included costs of gas and life jackets, but the lower priced ones do not outline what’s included. Be sure to call ahead or expect to pay extra at many of these watersports locations.

Jet Ski Rentals in Miami & Biscayne Bay

Miami Beach and the beautiful lagoon to the south, Biscayne Bay, are absolutely packed all year round – it’s a hotspot for travelers and adventurers! But when you’re visiting a huge (in size and popularity) place like Miami Beach, you should expect to run into packed venues, big crowds, and the high prices that come along with it.

However, it’s not all bad. Watersports enthusiasts should definitely plan to visit Biscayne Bay at some point. On the back of a jet ski, you can expect to see dolphins, sea turtles, manatees, and sub-tropical birds depending on your location. The Biscayne Bay National Park has protected much of the marine ecosystem that makes it a must-see. However, in the Miami Beach and Biscayne Bay area, you won’t be able to find any good-quality jet ski rentals for less than $100. Expect to pay between $100 (with coupons) and $130 on average. Extra riders and tours will add on quite a bit as well.

toy trowel on beachCome Visit Beautiful Beaches!

When you’re looking for a vacation or a weekend adventure, you know exactly where you should be going. Where else in America can you experience surf, sand, and sun like Florida? With so much to experience, it’s no wonder that we are one of the best vacation locations in the world! Across the state, we have all of the top tourist locations to visit, from Panama City all the way down to the tip of the Florida Keys. So, when you’re visiting our great peninsula, make sure to check out the best way to kick your trip up a notch – a Cocoa Beach jet ski rental at Wildlife Watersports!

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