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Lighted Night Kayak Tours

Explore the Indian River Lagoon after dark with our lighted night kayak tours, and see a whole new world of adventure!


Unforgettable Lighted Night Kayak Rentals on the Indian River

Discover the magic of the nighttime with our lighted night kayak rentals, only available at Wildlife Watersports! Take an unforgettable kayak journey and paddle through the Indian River Lagoon to see the underwater world in a whole new way. See the river come alive with our illuminating LED light systems designed specially for kayaking adventures! If you like a daytime trip on the waves, you’ll love watching the water light up below you – a totally new experience for everyone to enjoy.

A Breathtaking Trip

After the sun goes down, it’s time for a totally new type of awesome adventure at Wildlife Watersports. When other shops are closing down, we start pulling out our specially equipped kayaks to show you and your family the coolest view of our lagoon. Our nighttime kayaks illuminate the water beneath your kayak so you can discover amazing sights that you just can’t get during the day. The LED lights attract the Indian River Lagoon’s wonderful variety of fish, including mullet, and visitors can see all kinds of fish darting in and out of the grass flats. Be on the lookout for all kinds of wildlife when journeying in a lighted kayak!

Try a Glow-in-the-Dark Adventure

Are you looking for the best way to spend an evening on the water? Exploring the underwater ecosystem of the Indian River Lagoon should be at the top of your list. At Wildlife Watersports, we’ve equipped our nighttime kayaks with powerful LEDs so that you can get a crystal clear view of fish, manatee, turtles, and more. Great for family and friends, we launch you right from our docks so you can explore the mangrove islands with a guided tour. Are you ready for an adventure of a lifetime? Then it sounds like our lighted night kayak tours are perfect for you.

Book Your Nighttime Kayak Tour

Nighttime Kayak Tours are Returning in March 2022! Visit us then to book your tour!

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