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Bioluminescence Tours

Experience the magic of the underwater world after dark - with a bioluminescence tour!


Magical Kayaking Bioluminescence Tours

Discover the magic of the nighttime with Wildlife Watersports. During the beautiful Florida summer, the nighttime water comes alive with the blue and green glow of bioluminescence! As one of the best places to experience the wonder of these thousands of tiny, glowing creatures, you’re sure to have an unforgettable journey! Take a tour of the Indian River Lagoon’s neon waves right from our docks in the easiest bioluminescence experience that you can find in our waters. We offer kayak tours for all ages!

Breathtaking Bioluminescence

After the sun goes down, the plankton start to play in the lagoon! In the lagoon, you can see some of the brightest dinoflagellate bioluminescence on our kayak or boating tours. Paddle through the water or run your hands through the dark to see the magical light display in the water. Fish, stingrays, and tiny fish provide a unique experience with every tour. In the warm waters of the summer, you can even see streaks of light through the water as schools of mullet shoot through the water beneath your boat!

The Adventure of the Summer

Are you seeking an epic experience on the water? Don’t miss out on this unique way to experience the wonder of the Indian River Lagoon’s sea life. You haven’t seen it all until you’ve take one of Wildlife Watersports’ amazing tours. Launch right from our location in the easiest, closest tour on the islands. Our expert guides will take you to the best places to enjoy the light show! Our tours are perfect for friends and family to enjoy together, but we book out fast. Reserve your tour today so you don’t miss out!

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Bioluminescent Kayak Tours are Returning in Summer 2022! Visit us then to experience the magic!
Want to see the wonderful world of bioluminescence in the Indian River? It's time to experience an unforgettable adventure with our bioluminescence kayaking tours. Bioluminescence is seasonal, and spots are limited, so make sure you reserve your tour today!

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